UA-60484415-1 The Proper Way to Wake a Hindu

Pete Van Dyk hosts Canada’s Only Late Night Talk Show! Pete, along with the Greatest Band in Canadian Late Night History, the Nocturnal Emissions, and his bartender welcome guests from the worlds of Sports, Entertainment and Comedy. Enjoy!

August 10, 2017

The Proper Way to Wake a Hindu

It's the middle of summer and most of the band has abandoned the show, Van Dyk Party Services to the rescue! Maddie Ball, Jeff Ball, Kaitlyn Van Dyk and Spencer Van Dyk join Steve the Reluctant German to make up this weeks version of the Nocturnal Emissions.  The Rest of the Van Dyks make up the studio audience and they talk about Maddie's mission to Africa, the Bushstock Music Festival and of course the proper way to wake a Hindu.


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